Depositphotos 38672603 websmallI drew a big blank today. Not while writing, but while talking to my mother. You see, I’ve lived in Canada for over 15 years and interact in English via written or spoken form daily, for an average of eighteen hours every day. As much as my mother and I are in constant contact, the number of hours we actually talk each month pales in comparison to the time I spend with Cecilia on the phone every single day. As strange as it may sound, the constant contact piece is what led to my blank today which in turn has a connection to my writing habits. It’s a long winding road, but I’ll get there. Bear with me.

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There has been a lot of talk about how liking a page on Facebook doesn't necessarily mean followers will receive all updates by that page.

You might miss seeing a lot of interesting, time sensitive, and relevant updates by pages you already liked simply because you've skipped a couple of important steps.

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Countermeasure Final May 2014Wow. I’m not kidding when I say that time flies when you’re having fun. I just realized that Countermeasure was released a little over two years ago.

January 12th, 2012 was a big day for us. Not only because we were releasing our first novel but also because we were taking the big step of going indie. And, as with most new indie authors, we were cutting the costs of production by tackling every single possible aspect of publishing we could.

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It's no secret authors look for inspiration in life, in personal experiences, and in stories already told. We spin what-ifs in stories and create original works from things not imagined before. An unusual combination, an unlikely mix of components. We play with scenarios and plots like children play with chemistry sets, mixing ingredients in ways no real chemist would. That's how great stories are born.

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As a thank you to those who are participating in the upcoming Blog Tour starting this Monday, we thought it would be fun to have a scavenger hunt throughout the week.

Each blog will include an easily identifiable image with a single word like the one below.

ScavengerHunt Blank

Participants visiting each stop of the Blog Tour will collect the word from each stop to complete a sentence. The sentence appeared in Countermeasure and has great meaning throughout our series. At the end of the tour, they can submit the full sentence (all 13 words) to us via the form below.

If the sentence is correct, their name will be entered in a special drawing for the following prize pack:

  • a signed copy of Countermeasure in trade paperback format
  • a set of swag including a countermeasure charm, magnet and postcard
  • $25 GC (from either Amazon, Apple, Kobo or B&N)

We'll update this post daily with the direct links to the Tour posts. Here is the list of Blog Tour stops in the correct order.:

Word 1 - Reading by the Book
Word 2 - I Heart Books
Word 3 - BeanieBrain Reader
Word 4 - Spreading the Word
Word 5 - Zita's Dream Reads 
Word 6 - Wicked Readings by Tawania 
Word 7 - Foxylutely Book Reviews
Word 8 - Elodie Parkes Erotic Romance 
Word 9 - The Ruthin Trilogy Romance Book Blog 
Word 10 - Becca Anne's Book Reviews 
Word 11 - Stories and Swag 
Word 12 - YATR 
Word 13 - Twinsie Talk Book Blog

Entries accepted through February 4th, 2014.

Good luck, hunters!

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