I was in my late teens when I stopped writing. I had started reading at a very early age and writing at around 7. Literature had been a driving force in my life until I reached university and life took a different turn than I had expected or planned for.

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A special thanks to our friends for helping us secure our user names for both our Book Series (Counter Measure Series) and Author (C. Almeida and C. Aubrey) pages on Facebook. You mean the world to us. Add a comment

So much is happening that we sometimes sit back and say "really?"  But we wouldn't have it any other way.  Friends are keeping us grounded as well as our humor.  It's probably a good thing that our desks are miles apart at the moment or laughter would be a distraction. 

We are extremely excited about the release of a couple of our short stories later this month and are working hard to finish our manuscripts for the Counter Measure Series...

Stick around, more to come!Wink

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Our lives have been a roller coaster since last December when we decided to take writing erotic fiction seriously.

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