It's been a while since we announced we were looking into translating Uncharted and Countermeasure. Since then we found a great partner in Monica Ocaña.

She was well recommended by several fellow writers and we were very happy to work with her for the translation into Spanish.

It's with great pleasure that we announce that they are almost here! The first two books in the series should be on retailers by the end of this week.

It's a brand new market for us and we are very curious to see how the book will do in that language.

This weekend we've been busy with the last details for the release which includes several reviews of the manuscript before forwarding the files to our converter. Now it's just a matter of time before we get the files back and upload to our authorized retailers (Amazon, Apple, B&N, Kobo and ARe).

Stay tuned on Facebook and Twitter (follow us there! *hint*) to remain updated of retailers links.


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My heart sunk to my stomach at the impact. Blood pumped in my ears so loud I couldn’t hear the thump of the music blasting through the car’s speakers. I kept my hands tight on the wheel, but I couldn’t feel them. I couldn’t feel my whole body, for that matter. Overwhelmed by guilt, I looked in the rear view mirror and saw the body roll on the pavement, a confirmation that there was nothing else I could do. At least not to save a life.

I was consumed by grief. And shame. I had taken a life. The fist in my stomach remained as I drove away from the crime scene. I tried to convince myself that I couldn’t have changed what happened without causing a bigger tragedy, without swerving on the road and ending up in someone’s living room. Although logic spoke to me, my heart still ached. In fact, although it’s been weeks since that fatidic Saturday morning, it still does. I doubt I’ll ever forget it and hope it will never happen again. I also hope you will never have to experience the same pain. I don’t think I can bear to go through another squirrelcide.

Have you been in the same situation? Did you feel as bad as I do? Share your story with us.

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I lost a friend yesterday.

Someone wMy beloved Friendho guided me through the toughest hours of the mornings. Someone who perked me up when I was at my lowest. It was my fault, really. I left my valued friend to his own devices and got distracted. Later, when I reached out for the comfort only he could provide, I realized my mistake.

Anxious to hold him again, I hurried down the hall to the room I'd left him in, but it was too late. My poor friend had become a casualty of someone else's careless treatment. To make matters worse, the culprit had tried to cover their tracks, facing him in such a way that I wouldn't see the mutilation. It worked. I was blind to his pain until I realized he was bleeding the needed elixir of life all over my hands.

I lost a friend yesterday.

Yesterday, someone killed my beloved coffee mug.

I know it's silly to mourn a coffee mug, but I loved that cup and the sentimental value it held for me.

What do you think? Is it silly or a normal reaction? Have you ever been attached to something that when you lost it made you sad?

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{boxplus href=|| title=|Hit & Run Bride|}by Misty Evans and Nana Malone{/boxplus}

We have the pleasuse of hosting another of Misty Evans' releases, this time in partnership with Nana Malone. It seems to be another hit by both best selling authors. :)

Hit & Run Bride was released on June 2nd and if you haven't picked up your copy, we recommend you run and get yours NOW.

 Amazon B&N

Here's the book summary:

Dangerous Intersection Ahead

Marketing analyst Becca Daniels has a life that looks good on paper - a coveted promotion in an exciting new city and a successful, handsome fiancé. But with her Hawaiian honeymoon fast approaching, she has to face her biggest fear...water. She can't swim. On her way to her first swimming lesson, however, she veers left instead of right and nearly runs over her hot, new instructor.

Caution: Rising Waters

Liam Caldwell has put his life on hold to look after his sick mother. The last thing he needs is the hit-and-run brunette who ruined his motorcycle disrupting the adult swim class. But from the first lesson, he realizes there's more to the curvy, smart-mouthed Becca than meets the eye, and no matter what he does, he can't resist her luscious lips and her driving determination.

No U-turn

With each lesson, Becca discovers that what looks good on paper isn't making her happy. Should she play it safe in the shallow end with her career and fiancé? Or should she dive into deep waters with a man who offers passion and freedom like she's never imagined?

RHB-heart-red-with-clear-bg pageOn June 1st, 16 authors released 15 stories called the Red Hot and BOOM series. They have a common theme—the Fourth of July—and are only 99 cents each. To search for them on Amazon, just put Red Hot and BOOM in the search area. Hopefully all fifteen stories will show up in your search results!

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Check out the excepts below for a little taste of the stories!