headachesFor the last month, I’ve been working on getting all our sites migrated to the latest version of our preferred CMS. The task that should have been easily accomplished with a simple push of a button was complicated by development choices I made long ago (three years in technology equals some fifteen human years).

Not to bore you all with details, the choice made in the past created a migration nightmare now. A migration ten times more complex and bound to have errors which resulted in a lot of hard work behind the scenes, long support discussions with third-party extension developers, and lots of time spent on making sure the site upgrade was as flawless as possible.

Unfortunately, just like humans, upgrades are never perfect, and one of the problems caused by the migration was the interruption of delivery of RSS feeds to many social media sites including Goodreads. To fix the problem, I had to purge the blog settings on Goodreads and with that, all past comments on our posts on Goodreads were deleted.

My sincere apologies to all of those who had their comments erased in the process. We’ll make sure the same doesn’t happen again in the future. Comments left on our website and powered by Disqus were not affected.



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Erotic Romance or Erotica?What do you write? Erotic Romance or Erotica? We are often asked that question about our genre. If we go by the official definition of the two genres we would answer that question with neither or both.

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Cecilia and I read a lot of Romantic Suspense. We enjoy the great majority but a few distinguish themselves and make us reach out to the authors for interesting and fun exchanges. That was the case with Misty's Operation Sheba.

In 2012, while browsing Amazon to figure out the whole category placement for Countermeasure and how/where it would fit best as it’s truly a cross genre novel/series, we came across a story that was intriguing and to some degree reminded us of our own story. We immediately downloaded Operation Sheba and devoured the book in a short time.

Cecilia and I enjoyed the story so much, I sent Misty an email about our reading experience. Since then, we’ve developed a friendship through our writing, a fellowship of sorts, and when the news of the re-release came out, we knew we had to be a part of it.

The book is being re-released today with a new cover, new editing and bonus material which means we will be re-reading it again.

For those not yet familiar with the story, keep reading for the blurb and excerpt. Don’t forget to enter the contest as well!



Super Agent Series Book One


For fans of Homeland and Covert Affairs!

***#1 Romantic Suspense, #2 Romance, #3 Bestseller in Kindle Store in 2010!

***1st Place Winner of the New England Readers Choice Award for Best Romantic Suspense!

First in the award-winning romantic suspense Super Agent series by USA TODAY bestselling author Misty Evans.

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We are making it official! Take Me is here and it brought a giveaway and lots of fun activities to the Countermeasure Series Facebook Page. 

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Now available.

amazon B&N kobo are

With his wife away on business, Trevor is spending his St. Patrick’s Day alone. Or so he assumes.

Cassandra can’t wait to surprise her husband after a long week away from home. But when she arrives, it appears Trevor is not there. Will her early return be a waste?

You loved Trevor and Cassandra in the Countermeasure Series books. Peek in for a glimpse of how married life is treating them. This Bit is sure to have you looking at your dining room table differently.


Now that you know a bit about the book, here's the Rafflecopter giveaway!

Participate through the week for one chance in five to win a signed Ecopy of Countermeasure.

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It’s Monday and I’m jumping for joy! No, I’m not losing it…well…maybe a little, but that’s not the point. The point is that we’re only two days away from the next episode of Vikings!

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