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HIT & RUN BRIDE by Nana Malone and Misty Evans

by Misty Evans and Nana Malone

We have the pleasuse of hosting another of Misty Evans' releases, this time in partnership with Nana Malone. It seems to be another hit by both best selling authors. :)

Hit & Run Bride was released on June 2nd and if you haven't picked up your copy, we recommend you run and get yours NOW.

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Here's the book summary:

Dangerous Intersection Ahead

Marketing analyst Becca Daniels has a life that looks good on paper - a coveted promotion in an exciting new city and a successful, handsome fiancé. But with her Hawaiian honeymoon fast approaching, she has to face her biggest fear...water. She can't swim. On her way to her first swimming lesson, however, she veers left instead of right and nearly runs over her hot, new instructor.

Caution: Rising Waters

Liam Caldwell has put his life on hold to look after his sick mother. The last thing he needs is the hit-and-run brunette who ruined his motorcycle disrupting the adult swim class. But from the first lesson, he realizes there's more to the curvy, smart-mouthed Becca than meets the eye, and no matter what he does, he can't resist her luscious lips and her driving determination.

No U-turn

With each lesson, Becca discovers that what looks good on paper isn't making her happy. Should she play it safe in the shallow end with her career and fiancé? Or should she dive into deep waters with a man who offers passion and freedom like she's never imagined?


Red Hot and BOOM series Releases today!

RHB-heart-red-with-clear-bg pageOn June 1st, 16 authors released 15 stories called the Red Hot and BOOM series. They have a common theme—the Fourth of July—and are only 99 cents each. To search for them on Amazon, just put Red Hot and BOOM in the search area. Hopefully all fifteen stories will show up in your search results!

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I am not into suspense and mystery books, but once in awhile I find one that doesn't put me to sleep and keeps me interested to the extent that I cannot put the book down until I finish it usually in two days time. Well I must say Countermeasure was one of them, it kept me coming back for more, making me hate one character, liking another, trying to figure out yet another. When you’re reading a book and I mean really reading it, where it makes you start to analyze the different scenes and characters along with the two main characters well, that to me is a good read and great writing. I enjoy my Paranormal Romance books, but I must admit I am looking forward to reading more stories from these two authors Chris Almeida and Cecilia Aubrey.

Harriet Vallero 
Sep 09, 2011