Perma-free. Once a fantastic tool to introduce new authors to readers not familiar or comfortable with Indie Publishing.

Before that, old TBR piles used to consist of five, ten books piled on the side table, a visual cue calling on you to take the books in your hands, taunting you to make the pile smaller. With perma-free books everywhere—and still growing in numbers daily—readers have become adept of one-clicking books they may have little or no interest in reading. Readers just get a book when it’is free because it’s free and TBR piles in digital eReaders don’t have the same power of persuasion.

Cecilia and I are not immune to one-clicking. As much as it pains us to admit it, our TBR pile is long and has grown to a cringe-worthy size. A little while back, I came across a book’s blurb on Facebook that sounded really interesting. When I checked the book on Amazon, I realized we already had it in our library. In fact, the book had been there for over a year. It hit me then that the same thing was happening to many other readers.

Once downloaded, one-clicked books hide in endless carrousels, forgotten unless readers come across something on social media that makes them visit the book’s page on their retailer of choice only to be notified the book had been purchased in the past.

Sadly, many amazing stories and their authors remain forgotten in that digital TBR black hole. The most effective way to dig those books out of there is to make them discoverable once again. That’s where the #forgottenbookchallenge comes in. It gives a previously released title the chance to shine once again and reach readers who had forgotten about its existence in their very long digital TBR pile.

It’s with that goal in mind that each week, we will be encouraging readers to post their (old) new finds. Encouraging readers to dig a little deeper and find something they forgot they had in the dark recesses of their eReaders.

We hope you’ll join us in this goal by posting your review or find to social media and tagging it with the hash tags #forgottenbookchallenge or #forgottenbook. Most of all, have fun finding the buried gems in your library!



 anniv2015The Romance Reviews is turning 4 and to celebrate, they have a month-long anniversary party coming up. Lots of games, prizes and fun! Don't miss out on this great opportunity to meet new authors, new stories, or to see what your favorite author has to offer.

The party happens from March 1, 1200am EST to March 31, 1159pm EST. We hope to see you there!

Those who have known us and our stories from the dawn of the Countermeasure Series know we take twists and turns with the stories.

We wrote To Russia with Love before Countermeasure, Cuffed at Midnight before Ecstasy by the Sea, and Countermeasure before its prequel, Uncharted.

Although most stories in the tie-in series Bytes of Life are glimpses into the intimate lives of the characters—glimpses of what happens in their lives between the stories in the full-length novels—and created as voyeuristic looks into their relationship, Uncharted was born with a different purpose.

Long after the novels and short stories had been published, we were continuously asked about Conor and Maeve. Many readers showed interest, concern, curiosity about what could have happened to them but without a better grasp of their relationship and what transpired between them, they were unable to entertain a solid guess.

With that in mind, we wrote Uncharted and gave readers a glimpse into their relationship as well as a more solid grasp of their love for each other and for their son.

We made the story available through all retailers free of charge and allowed all who had read Countermeasure to peek into the past.

The short story was welcomed by all Countermaniacs who had long asked for it. Unfortunately, the idea backfired when somereaders, coming across Uncharted first and not knowing of the running mystery in the series, didn’t realize the nature or length of the story, neither of its link to the main novels.

Many were discouraged to read Countermeasure expecting the series to have the same dark undertones as Uncharted.

With that in mind, and with hopes that readers will enjoy Uncharted more after reading Countermeasure, we are changing the way we offer the story to readers. Although still free of charge, we will now make the story available in Countermeasure (Bonus Edition) and via subscription to our newsletter.

Upon subscription, you will receive a standard confirmation email with a direct download link. If you have already read Countermeasure without Uncharted and are already a subscriber of the newsletter, you can This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we’ll send you the file directly.


Chris & Cecilia


In celebration of Talk Like a Pirate Day, let's talk about pirates.

Depositphotos 11261768 original SMALLTo me, the best thing of being an author is having the ability to share the stories populating my head and see them enjoyed by many. The second best thing is meeting those people who enjoyed the stories and hearing their perspectives on them.