Last night I was sitting at my desk wondering what the heck I was doing at two in the morning in a dark room with the glow of my laptop screen for company when a surreal thought struck me. The reason I was sitting there was because during these last four years I had been doing something I had ached to do since well, forever--write.

A sense of contentment bloomed in my chest as I lowered my gaze to the screen. My laptop was the single most important piece of equipment I’d ever purchased. It had become my outlet. Letting the words, thoughts and scenes that had been screaming in my head for endless years run wild.

Why it took me so long to heed its cry I may never know. But the saying. “There’s a reason for everything,” whispers in an endless loop in my head whenever I dwell on it. Maybe the time was right, or the stars were aligned or just maybe, fate had a hand in it. Whatever the case, without that laptop I might have missed an opportunity of a lifetime. An introduction to a kindred spirit and partner-in-crime.

Since that first hello, I have not looked back. Four years later, we continue to write the stories we love to read and tackle the challenges that come with being published authors. The path we've chosen as Indie Publishers is not always a smooth one. Pebbled with disappointments, hard decisions, and, at times, “what the hell” moments. But those moments are fleeting. Tempered by excitement each time we upload a novel, by supportive friends, and by successes we share.

Happy Anniversary, Chris! This journey is that much richer because we’re walking it together. May our story inspirations never run dry and we continue to share more belly aching laughs in the years to come.