Countermeasure Series Book 15

Release: 2018/2019 | Pre-order now available! Get your copy at the special price of $2.99 before release.

Life throws curve balls at times. It's how we react to them that wins the game.

NSA communications specialist George Miller is knee deep in the Middle East ops' aftermath when no-nonsense, take-no-prisoners Maya Shaw careens into his life. He hears alarm bells from the moment she walks into his office because the sharp-witted beauty not only wreaks havoc on his emotions but carries the power to eradicate Operation Countermeasure. 
NSA auditor Maya Shaw is on a hunt for non-compliant operations within the organization. Self-assured--and definitely not looking for commitment--she’s more than willing to butt heads with the geeky specialist if that means getting the information she needs. What she wasn't expecting was to find a man who makes her heart question her head’s choices in life.