retail linksWhere do I find the Countermeasure books?
We have been asked this question several times in the last few months. One would think that just by searching the retail sites for the word Countermeasure one would be able to find all books in the series. Unfortunately, depending on each site's search, you might not find all the books associated with our series that way.
To make things easier, we have collected all the links and listed them here. Country specific links are at the bottom of the list.

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Typo HellThe idea is flowing out of my head and onto the page. The trigger a simple song and a phase that created a complete scene in my head. My fingers are moving at a rapid pace, a check tells me 225 key strokes per minute. Yahoo, I am in the grove. I am in heaven. I finish the piece in no time flat. One thousand two hundred twenty three words. A respectable start. Excited I read through it twice—adjusting and correcting typos and grammar as I go. Wanting to toss the ball to Chris in a pristine state for review and snowballing.
“Here it comes!” Excited, I wait for Chris’s reaction.

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once upon_a_timeThere is a running debate amongst writers about why we, writers, write. Some say we have to write for ourselves and push our work to the world with no expectations but one of accomplishment in the birth of a book made available to the masses.

The other side says to write for the audience, the market. Those are the stories that are written with the sole purpose of entertaining a target group and based on a specific formula developed over many years and used by a large number of traditional publishers.

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ToRussiaWithLove itshereanimated

Sometimes things move to a set plan, follow schedules, progress at a set pace. And sometimes things spring at you like a ninja, way faster than you ever imagined, blind-siding you. Well, that's exactly what's happened to us today. SURPRISE! TO RUSSIA WITH LOVE is HERE! We kinda had you there with the ninja mention, right?

We had planned TO RUSSIA WITH LOVE's release taking into account a wide timeline. We didn't want to have to push the release back and disappoint anybody. Yet, everything fell into place smoothly. Our editor did an amazing job again and worked on our manuscript while on a road trip, our typesetter finished the file in record time and it was ready for upload speedily. Our converter's middle name is Speedy Gonzalez. Within a day, he had our manuscript converted to the needed formats. The combination of all our efforts resulted in us being able to release To Russia ten days ahead of schedule.

That's right! The second novel in the Countermeasure series has been released into the wild both in print and digital formats. What are you waiting for? Come join Trevor and Cassandra on their next adventure. An adventure to Russia...with love.

For more details, excerpts and links, visit To Russia With Love's page on our site
See what it's all about on YouTube.

TO RUSSIA WITH LOVE is available in print from CreateSpace and Amazon and in digital format from Amazon, Barnes and Noble (soon), Kobo, and All Romance eBooks.

Enjoy! Sláinte!

Chris & Cecilia

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It's that time of the year again...major upcoming release. To Russia With Love is coming through with a punch and we are working hard to make its release a nice experience for all. We have enjoyed all the amazing ARC reviews and appreciated every single one of them.

In the chaos of getting TRWL ready for release, we have been scrambling to get Passion at Dawn finished and ready for publication as well. It's a tough race toward release (no pun intended). As of today and over the next few days we are diving into hermit mode so we can complete our task to plow through line editing and make sure it has all of the well-known components of a Countermeasure novel or short story: humor and heat.

We hope to bring you more satisfying, thrilling, hot adventures of our favorite couple in the next installment of the Countermeasure series to be released in the Spring of 2013 and in the many other Bytes of Life we plan to release until then. Stay tuned for teasers and excerpts as we work on the manuscript.


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