On the last day of the tour, we got tied up with the last details for Ecstasy by the Sea's release so we had to send Trevor to be interviewed in our place. Harlie was kind enough to accept the exchange and I've heard he had fun.


Harlie's Book Blog - Day Five

Why did you stop looking for your parents?

Trevor takes a deep breath and a frown creases his brow. "At the time, I just couldn't handle dealing with the idea they were gone. I had to withdraw from everything that reminded me of them and the fact that I couldn't see or talk to them ever again." Trevor leans forward on his chair and locks eyes with the interviewer.

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We had the wonderful opportunity to pop in for a nice Q&A at Cocktails and Books. Please follow the link for the comments.


Cocktails & Books - Day Three

Q&A with Chris Almeida and Cecilia Aubrey

From your first stop on the tour, we learn a little about both of you and what your writing process is together as co-authors. Let's dive into your inspiration for the genre and story, COUNTERMEASURE.

Tell us a bit about your current release:

Countermeasure is the first novel of the series, which is self-published under our own label, √Čire Publishing. In this first novel, Trevor Bauer, an NSA analyst is on the hunt for clues to his parent's disappearance. Following a lead throws him in the path of Cassandra James, an ex CIA officer turned security assurance agent, who is on the trail of an infiltrator who stole a formula she was safeguarding. Thinking Trevor is her thief, she confronts him. Their meeting sets them on a course that neither expects.

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On day four, we visited Rambling Heads and Cecilia talked about how we follow our gut when it comes to tightening a story and making it thrilling without losing touch with reality.


Rambling Heads - Day Four

In our interaction with other authors, we have heard them discussing the writing of love scenes and how some think it the hardest part to write. Oddly enough, the love scenes and romance aspects of our stories are the easiest to both of us. We are fairly certain that this comes from our background as role players where you actually wear the skin of the characters you are portraying and play fairly erotic scenes often. In that case, practice makes perfect. The more we played erotic love scenes, the easier it became to write them for the novels and shorts.

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We had the pleasure of spending day two with Mrs. Condit & Friends. Becky had already posted a lot about the series previously so the actual blog post was posted on a separate day as a guest post but you can follow the link from here to day two as well as the guest post for the second set of comments.


Mrs. Condit - Day Two

Mrs. Condit - Guest Blog Post

Romance is a tough genre to write. You need to follow certain rules that define what a romance is aside from making sure the characters have internal and external goals, conflicts, and motivations. In life, we come across all those and we hope to make the right choices and follow our hearts and consciences to make our goal in life become a reality.

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The COUNTERMEASURE Blog Tour ran between July 2 and July 6. We were excited with the comments we received. Thank you to all who participated! For those who missed the posts on those days, we are reposting them here and linking to the original posts so you can read the comments on the sites.


Day One - Simply Ali

When Cecilia and I mention our writing partnership the comment is usually received with awe and curiosity. Family, friends and/or readers' first question is usually "How do you do that? How do you write together so seamlessly?" To some, the idea that two people collaborate in writing such intense and fairly erotic scenes is somewhat strange. To us, it's a natural thing.

Now, in order to understand how this works you need to understand how Cecilia and I began our collaboration. We met in September of 2010 when we both joined a role playing group. We were a mated couple then and the chemistry was immediate. Our writing style and ideas matched. We played the POV in a way that didn't amount to head hopping and one post just flowed into the other like paragraphs in a novel would.

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