ToRussiaWithLove itshereanimated

Sometimes things move to a set plan, follow schedules, progress at a set pace. And sometimes things spring at you like a ninja, way faster than you ever imagined, blind-siding you. Well, that's exactly what's happened to us today. SURPRISE! TO RUSSIA WITH LOVE is HERE! We kinda had you there with the ninja mention, right?

We had planned TO RUSSIA WITH LOVE's release taking into account a wide timeline. We didn't want to have to push the release back and disappoint anybody. Yet, everything fell into place smoothly. Our editor did an amazing job again and worked on our manuscript while on a road trip, our typesetter finished the file in record time and it was ready for upload speedily. Our converter's middle name is Speedy Gonzalez. Within a day, he had our manuscript converted to the needed formats. The combination of all our efforts resulted in us being able to release To Russia ten days ahead of schedule.

That's right! The second novel in the Countermeasure series has been released into the wild both in print and digital formats. What are you waiting for? Come join Trevor and Cassandra on their next adventure. An adventure to Russia...with love.

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TO RUSSIA WITH LOVE is available in print from CreateSpace and Amazon and in digital format from Amazon, Barnes and Noble (soon), Kobo, and All Romance eBooks.

Enjoy! Sláinte!

Chris & Cecilia