Chris and I joined a international writing organization because it was where the publishing industry gathered, the experts, those who have the experience behind them. As novices in the industry, we came looking for knowledge to educate ourselves, to understand the machine, to network with more seasoned authors, grow as writers. Add a comment

four leaf_clover_Wallpaper_emk16From time to time, Cecilia and I revisit our journey to becoming writers and to independent publishing. We talk about the things we are good at and the things we need to improve on. We talk about the turns in the road that got us here and, at doing that, we thank the people who pushed us forward. Add a comment

ei0fnnIt's only forty-five days before the release of To Russia with Love and we have been scrambling to get our ducks in a row.

The reason? We were overly optimistic. You see, in traditional publishing, they follow a pattern for the production of books. They also have several books in production at the same time and because of that, their timelines are long. It can take up to two years from contract to shelf. As independent authors, we set our own schedules, which give us the freedom and the ability to release multiple titles in a year, but also gives us the ability to break those schedules just as easily.

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Countermeasure's giveaway on Goodreads ended overnight!

We were VERY pleased with the turn around. 1163 people entered the contest, which was open to the whole world.

We were surprised to see the number of entrants from Europe and Asia and, indeed, the winners were not from North America.

We would like to congratulate:

Megan Chuin from France and Gillian McCalman from Australia for being the winners of the two signed copies of Countermeasure to be shipped out within the next two days.

To Russia With Love's giveaway is ongoing and we will announce the winners in August.

Many thanks to those who entered! Keep checking back because we will be having more giveaways in the near future.


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Six Sentence Sunday ~ A peek from our up coming release, To Russia With Love, the second installment in our Countermeasure Series.

“Holy hell, Trev! What kind of move was that?”

Trevor leaned over her with a big smile on his face. “You really thought I would give up that easy? I am a geek, Cassie, not a friggin’ wimp. It’s called the internet and how to videos.”

We are in the last stages of editing and on target to release in late July.  Wish us luck!


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