For those who have been following our first series, you may have noticed a gap between the releases of To Russia with Love and the upcoming third novel, Alternate Connection.

Alternate Connection was plotted and scripted in 2012. Long before the current conflict in the Middle East erupted. At the time, we had little to go by but our gut. We interviewed people who'd been there, who'd lived in Palestine before the Intifadas, and researched our asses off to write the best action book we could.


Then life happened and some of the drive to write the story died down. It took a lot of love for the story, love for the characters, and a lot of encouragement from friends to get the ball rolling again, but alas, here we are, only a week or so away from completing one of our most rewarding books so far.

Our methods being stranger than our fiction, we need color coded tables to keep track of what each of us is writing each day. Everything is labeled, what's in the snowflaking/editing/critique stage and the chapters waiting to be claimed by each of our muses.


We are happy to show where we stand with Alternate Connection's development today.


We are writing, editing and revising two to three chapters daily and have no doubts we can finish the book this week. We'll even have plenty of time to read the full manuscript a couple of times before it's shipped to our editor for review.

Mark the day. Alternate Connection will be in stores on October 06, 2015. Or in your kindle at 12:01 AM if you've pre-ordered your copy.