Cecilia and I had been working frantically to get Countermeasure available to readers via Amazon. We had crossed all the T's but still had a few I's to dot. With the help and guidance of Janice King, a terrific accountant who knows the ins and outs of our specific case, we were able to proceed with the publishing of Countermeasure earlier than we had predicted. We thank Kayden McLeod for referring us to Janice. It was crucial to the announcement we are delivering today. Add a comment

This is a FYI post. A short one, which I hope, will clarify some authors' questions regarding self-publishing. Not that Cecilia and I know everything there is to learn about self-publishing. We are still learning about it ourselves—there is a sh*t load of information to be read and absorbed on the subject—but since we put so much into learning about the fast evolving digital and self-publishing market in the last couple of months, we feel we have passed the line between doubt and certainty about this volatile subject. Add a comment

As soon-to-be self-published authors, we have taken on a great responsibility. We have read and attended workshops, researched and gnawed on the details of taking all of a publishers’ responsibilities into our own hands. Add a comment

This past week has been a busy one. I am currently visiting with Chris for three weeks and we were hoping to make great strides toward getting our first novel, Countermeasure, self-published. We are accomplishing just that. 

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To celebrate the upcoming release of Countermeasure, we will be giving away one copy of our novel per day for the next 8 days, beginning on Friday, January 6th, 2012.

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