I can still remember as a kid, my mom sending us to our rooms to read a book and oh how we complained. I now know it was more to save her sanity than anything else at the time but still, it was to read a book and not play in our room.

While books have always been a guilty pleasure of my parents - my dad’s Louis L'Amour books lying around or trips to the library on rainy days waiting for my mom to find just the right ones - it was never one of mine until we were stationed in Europe.

It was then, at the ripe age of thirteen, that I finally became obsessed with reading. Comic books, magazines, and books of all genre became my refuge in a world that revolved around a military base and a country where television air time was ruled by a dictatorship and virtually non-existent.

Books became my guilty pleasure and I, to this day, am never without one at all times. Inspired by many favorite authors, I began to dabble in writing but never shared my stories with anyone. Over the years, I have come across these little pieces and wondered what if?

Almost a year ago that “what if” came to fruition when I stumbled across a story group page on Facebook carrying on the storylines of a favorite author’s book series. Intrigued, I began to read and initiated a series of conversations with the characters and an online friendship was struck with several. One day, I received a message that one of the characters was starting her own group based on another favorite author of mine’s work, Lara Adrian. She wondered if I was interested in a role and, after mulling over it a bit, I nervously accepted.

Shortly after joining, the Fates intervened; entwining my life’s string with that of another’s who would become a huge presence in my life. The storylines we created together within the group were exhilarating and breathed to life a creativity that had laid dormant so many years. We eventually left the group to pursue our own stories on our own terms. So, here we are together several months later. Writing the stories we like, playing out independent story roles without bounds, and forever enjoying this adventure together no matter where it may lead us.

We will always be grateful to others the Fates have deemed we should meet and who have helped direct our course over these past months – Kade, for introducing us to Haven; Denyse Bridger for steering us on our current literary journey; and, the Angels, who provide us with refuge and so much laughter. You will forever hold a place in our hearts.