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We are a crazy (fun) writing duo. Our stories are filled with spine tingling suspense and steamy romance with enough heat to curl your toes and melt your heart.

When we're not hunkered down in the writing cave you can find us sharing a good laugh on social media. We love hearing from our readers so stop by any time for chat on Facebook or Twitter or hit us up via the email in the contact us page.

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Independent publishing comes with many perks. One of them is the ability to set a title’s price to anything we want, including free for short or long term promotions. Sometimes, setting a book’s price to free is an easy task on most retailers, but not so on Amazon.

You see, Amazon doesn’t allow for setting the price to $0.00. Therefore, you will have to resort to forcing a price matching to Amazon’s competitors.

I’m going to share with you a few steps that can facilitate the process and make it all go smoothly.

As you may already know, All Romance eBooks is closing its doors today (December 31, 2016). If you are an ARe customer, make sure to download copies of your purchased titles before the end of the day as you won't have access to the dashboard after they shut it down for good.

ARe's closure is even more troubling for those who purchased items on pre-order. Unlike other retailers that only charge customers' credit cards at time of release and delivery of the title, ARe charged their customers at the time of purchase. From what we understand, there will be no refunds for those purchases. This means many customers have already paid for titles that have not been yet released and whose authors will not be paid either (for more information on this please visit

We had two titles on pre-order at All Romance eBooks. ACE and Locked & Reloaded will be released in 2017. If you purchased either or both titles from ARe, fear not. We would like to assure those who have purchased C&C titles on pre-order at ARe that if you forward a screenshot of your email receipts to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., we will send you an esigned copy of those books free of charge at the time of their releases.

Thank you for reading our books and Happy New Year!


  • "Hot romance, kick ass action, great you really need more? To Russia with Love is an excellent book."
    Amy Brantley Amazon Review
  • "Sexy little bit!"
    Amy Remus So Many Reads - on Payback
  • "Alternate Connection held something deeper than the adventure; it was about having the ULTIMATE connection either with yourself, your team, your lover, or even your family."
    Mayas Sanders Reading by the Book
  • "I found myself holding my breath, crying, yelling, getting turned on, being frustrated, bouncing in happiness."
    Lori Myers Amazon Review of Alternate Connection
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