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Sweet! You found us! Welcome to the C&C universe.

We are a crazy (fun) writing duo. Our stories are filled with spine tingling suspense and steamy romance with enough heat to curl your toes and melt your heart.

When we're not hunkered down in the writing cave you can find us sharing a good laugh on social media. We love hearing from our readers so stop by any time for chat on Facebook or Twitter or hit us up via the email in the contact us page.

Now that you know a little bit about us, explore the website for more of our published and upcoming books as well as more information on us and how we came to write together. Enjoy!



One of the most challenging aspects of being indie published is putting books on library shelves. While not easy, there are ways to accomplish that, but they often require upfront investment and reader interest to come to fruition. With more and more readers turning to digital libraries, particularly OverDrive, we decided to put more effort in finding ways to reach those digital shelves instead.

That’s where Draft 2 Digital comes into play. Late last summer, they began offering distribution to Overdrive and we jumped on it as soon as possible.

While the process took a while to complete, it’s finally a reality! All our currently published titles (with the exception of Gator which is published under a different agreement with Amazon Kindle Worlds), are now available for request from OverDrive digital libraries around the world.

If your local library offers access to OverDrive with your library card, you can recommend titles or the entire series for purchase through the recommendation tool.

For a full tutorial on how to recommend titles at your OverDrive digital library, please visit OverDrive’s help site.

We hope to make our books accessible to many more readers that way but we need your help to do it. Recommend our titles today!


Chris and Cecilia



Cecilia is here for her semiannual visit to kick off the new year and we’re charging into 2018 with a long list of things we look forward to accomplishing, including several releases (VERY) long overdue. We appreciate the continuous support of our readers through an extended hiatus in new releases.

Over the next couple of weeks, we will be plotting mayhem and world domination. Well, more like plotting stories and putting words down. You can monitor the progress we’re making on our projects and find updates via our website under Our Books > WIP Updates.

Now for the nitty-gritty…

To ring in the new year, we have placed all our eligible titles on Amazon Kindle Unlimited. This is a one-time 3-month stint. The books will return to all other retailers at the end of the exclusivity period. For those of you who subscribe to the Amazon service and have not finished the Countermeasure Series or have not had a taste of the AWE Crew (GATOR or MADDEN), here‘s your chance. You can find all direct retail links to the books on the reading order page for each series (links in text). 

If you have subscriber friends or family members who enjoy kick-ass heroes and heroines, hot romance, and full-tilt adventure, share the love with them!

That’s all for now. Stay toasty and may all your dreams come true in 2018.


Chris & Cecilia

  • "Hot romance, kick ass action, great you really need more? To Russia with Love is an excellent book."
    Amy Brantley Amazon Review
  • "Sexy little bit!"
    Amy Remus So Many Reads - on Payback
  • "Alternate Connection held something deeper than the adventure; it was about having the ULTIMATE connection either with yourself, your team, your lover, or even your family."
    Mayas Sanders Reading by the Book
  • "I found myself holding my breath, crying, yelling, getting turned on, being frustrated, bouncing in happiness."
    Lori Myers Amazon Review of Alternate Connection
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