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Sweet! You found us! Welcome to the C&C universe.

We are a crazy (fun) writing duo. Our stories are filled with spine tingling suspense and steamy romance with enough heat to curl your toes and melt your heart.

When we're not hunkered down in the writing cave you can find us sharing a good laugh on social media. We love hearing from our readers so stop by any time for chat on Facebook or Twitter or hit us up via the email in the contact us page.

Now that you know a little bit about us, explore the website for more of our published and upcoming books as well as more information on us and how we came to write together. Enjoy!


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Hear ye, hear ye! We have important news that will affect all our newsletter and ARC list subscribers.

Cecilia and I have had our mailing list and ARC group for over five years now. We are not avid newsletter senders, but that's what we use to communicate new releases, deals and other news related to our books and writing.

On May 25, 2018, the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will take effect in Europe, and because of it, we will have to restart our mailing list from scratch.

While we know the vast majority of our subscribers are not from EU countries and that our subscribers were fully vetted even when they didn't directly sign up via our website, we have no way to filter out the EU residents only for verification.

Because we want to make sure everything we do is compliant and impervious to scrutiny, within the next few days, everybody will receive an invitation to confirm subscription.

With a simple click, you will be able to remain on the list. Those who decide to discontinue the subscription can also do so through the same email.

This is the very important part! You must check your junk folder and if you find our email there, follow the information to add us to your trusted senders otherwise our future newsletters will always end up in your junk mail.

Those who are marked as unopened or don't reply by the May 25th deadline will be purged from the list.

We have also decided to terminate our ARC group. We will honor ARCs for those who had already signed up to receive a copy of ACE. Stay tuned as we will introduce a new ARC program through a different medium in the next few months (one more reason to remain a subscriber!).

We hope you’ll remain a subscriber and join us in the new adventures we’ll unveil soon!


Chris & Cecilia


ALL of our books will be available on KU until April 2, 2018. They will return to wide distribution after that. If you haven't yet done so, now it's the time to grab them all so you can be ready for the final installment of the Countermeasure mystery. 

Countermeasure  Amazon  
Uncharted (Available via newsletter subscription)***
Ecstasy by the Sea Amazon
Cuffed at Midnight Amazon
Take Me  Amazon 
Passion at Dawn Amazon
Something Crazy  Amazon
To Russia With Love  Amazon
Blindsided  Amazon
Roaming Pleasure  Amazon
Payback  Amazon
Lost to Rapture Amazon
Brazen  Amazon
Christmas Wish  Amazon
Alternate Connection  Amazon
Locked and Reloaded   (Pre-order iBooks | B&N | Kobo | Google Play ) 
Gator  Amazon
Madden  Amazon

Visit the Retailer Links page for audio and print versions.

  • "Hot romance, kick ass action, great you really need more? To Russia with Love is an excellent book."
    Amy Brantley Amazon Review
  • "Sexy little bit!"
    Amy Remus So Many Reads - on Payback
  • "Alternate Connection held something deeper than the adventure; it was about having the ULTIMATE connection either with yourself, your team, your lover, or even your family."
    Mayas Sanders Reading by the Book
  • "I found myself holding my breath, crying, yelling, getting turned on, being frustrated, bouncing in happiness."
    Lori Myers Amazon Review of Alternate Connection
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