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The AWE Crew is a spin-off of the Countermeasure Series. The first and second books in this series are directly tied to the resolution of the Countermeasure Series' mystery.

Some of the stories are also crossovers with other series and can be read as standalone stories.

Please be advised that ALL shorts in these series contain MATURE content. They are NOT recommended for a younger audience. Some of the events taking place in the short stories are referenced in the novels and vice-versa. Although the three series are interconnected, the short stories are not a necessary read for the unraveling of the mystery in the series, yet each book pushes boundaries in the development of their intimate relationship and that reflects in their behavior/actions in the novels.

The current reading order is as follows:

ACE  iBooks | B&N | Google Play ) Pre-order price 2.99 
DOUBLE H  Coming soon
GATOR Amazon ) Now available in Desiree Holt's Omega Team Kindle World
MADDEN ( Amazon iBooks | B&N Kobo )