The 8th Special Warfare Logistics Group is the highest offensive component in the United States Special Operations Command. Under the flag of the USSOCOM, the 8th conducts covert and clandestine missions, such as direct action, special reconnaissance, counter-terrorism, foreign internal defense, unconventional warfare, psychological warfare, civil affairs, and counter-narcotics operations. This highly secretive and specialized group is spearheaded by Admiral Alan Tanner, a former Navy SEAL who reports directly to the head of the USSOCOM. Because of the 8th’s unique ability to recruit operators from all special forces components from all branches of the military, it is known as the Air, Water, Earth (AWE) Crew.

The men selected to fill strategic positions in the six six-men platoons are experts in their specialty, their skills tried and tested through many missions and validated by the many medals each of them have earned, many of them Purple Hearts.

It’s safe to say that the Crew men are among the bravest and most selfless in the service. They serve without the promise of reward, their many successes never gracing the front page. Their strength coming not from numbers but from their combined expertise and for that reason ARTE, MARTE, VIGORE (By skill, valor, and energy) is their motto.

The platoons are purposefully compact and can be combined when the mission calls for larger numbers. The Crew also acts in a national law enforcement capacity and for that reason it’s not limited to operating outside of US soil.

The six platoons are divided in two groups: platoons Alpha, Bravo and Charlie are led by Commander Jason McBright and platoons Delta, Echo and Foxtrot are led by Commander Elliot Bell. Each platoon has a Lieutenant Commander as a point man. Operators are recruited, or may change positions among platoons when promoted, if a position opens due to retirement or when a Crew member is killed or wounded in action.

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Naval Amphibious Base Little Creek, a naval base in Virginia Beach, Virginia, is home to the Crew’s base of operations. The massive training facility and the Crew’s nerve center, called Axis, is located south of Virginia Beach alongside the Navy SEALs training center in Dam Neck, Virginia. Because of the Crew’s quick deployment nature, the operators are required to live within short driving distance to the Naval Air Station Oceana, most opting to live in Norfolk and surrounding areas.

With the current state of affairs around the world, the 8th is constantly sent on highly classified and dangerous missions, but when they are off duty they are known to stick close to base either hanging out at each other’s homes for beers and barbeques or at their favorite watering hole, the Hot Tuna Bar & Grill.