Promoting a book is hard work and takes a LOT of time. Time we could spend writing. And in order to promote, you have to spread the word, put the books in the hands of readers, make it accessible to those interested in giving the story a chance to shine.

Earlier this month we tried to reduce COUNTERMEASURE's price to $0.00 on the current outlets (Amazon, B&N, ARe, Kobo, Sony, Diesel, iTunes and Smashwords) but neither, with the exception of Smashwords would accept anything listed under $0.99 in the settings. That is, unless you signed for exclusive distribution rights, which to us is a no-no at this point in time.

We were able to reduce the pricing to $0.99 in some of them (those that do not cause us heartburn or take 3-4 weeks to push a an amendment to a listed item through) but that left us thinking about the possibility of offering the books for purchase on our own site. That would offer us the freedom and capability of adjusting the price to what we wanted it to be (in this case $0.00) at any time. We have taken a big step and purchased all the required software to do so.

The reason for this seemingly crazy decision? TIME! Yes, I am a web developer and designer which means I can handle that on my own but it also means taking time from writing to deploy the shopping cart and IPN connections to paypal and credit card processors. So...why am I posting this boring stuff all in geek talk?

Well...time is at a premium for Cecilia Aubrey and I. We are busy editing To Russia With Love and adding the final pieces to it. It will take us another 2 weeks to finalize TRWL so we can ship it to our wonderful editor, Emmanuelle Hertel.

To make a long story short, we took it into our own hands (and site) to offer the book for free for the time it will take to finish TRWL and get back to promotion, blog tours, discussions, interviews and more (read our beloved role playing). That means that for approximately 2 weeks (give or take a few days), COUNTERMEASURE will be available for FREE but solely from the Countermeasure Series official website.

To download the book, you will need to register a profile on our site ( Please use a valid email address for the necessary confirmation of your registration.

Then go to: and download the file in the format you need for your ereader.

No need to register. Files are public and available upon loading the page at:

This is a limited time offer. Once editing is complete and we can dedicate time to promotion, once I can take the time to get the shopping cart installed and running, the book will return to its original price of $7.99 on all current outlets. So, pass the word around. To Russia With Love is screaming to come out! Get your handle of the story before the second book is released.


UPDATE: This offer was posted in April and ended on April 30. COUNTERMEASURE is still available free of cost to book reviewers. If you have a review blog, please contact us via email to request access to the files.