So, Countermeasure received another good review. One would say, so what? Countermeasure has received good reviews in the past. One would spread the word about it (which we did) and move on. Well. not so fast there, pal. We jump for joy with every new review but this one came with a punch. The reviewer is also an IT peep, which means that to her, the book had an even higher level of enjoyment because she got the whole of the geeky world stirred into it.

The beauty of writing with Cecilia is that she curbs my geekiness when it comes to our writing. I would have gone deep into shell access and root exploits and so on if she hadn't cleared her throat and given me a droll look (in type of course) several times throughout the writing of the novel. But we were still able to put some of that in it, giving it a feasible and believable situation most IT admins would dread to face.

In Mrs. Condit's own words (you can see the full review here):

The technical details are thrilling, whether you understand IT lingo or not,
and it is all explained to some degree in English."

We are very happy to have made another reader jump into our world and enjoy Trevor and Cassandra's adventure in France. We are also working hard to make their visit to Russia even more thrilling and with the same level of interweaved geekiness.

Keep popping back for news about the next book in the series. We will keep you all informed through the many social media sites.