Last night, we received another 5-star review for Countermeasure. We have received very good reviews of our books in the past but this one was somewhat special. The reason being, it came from the other side of the planet from us. Kuala Lumpur.

The idea that someone all the way in Asia, was sitting by a placid sea last week, in a hot summer day, sipping coconut water while reading our book, is very cool and amusing to me. Ok. Maybe that's because I am freezing my butt in Canada but that's beside the point. The important piece here is that Countermeasure has been read by people from different Countries, different cultures, different tastes and, so far, we have only received good reviews.

I am still bracing for the not so good reviews—and we all know they will come eventually—but until then I will be basking in the warmth of the 5-star review saying the reader couldn't put it down.