We finished Countermeasure. OMG! We finished Countermeasure! That was the thought floating around my mind for a few days after we completed our first long novel. It was a bittersweet feeling to know that the story we had hashed and rehashed, sweat and dreamt over had finally reached those two amazing words: THE END.

Then the reality hit us. It is a long novel. It is 120,000 words long. And it will probably require cuts in order to fit the industry standards of 100,000 words. Although we love it as it is and our pre-readers also love it as it is, we know that chances are we will be required to cut, rewrite and make it fit the cookie cutter standards. The bottom line is that publishing books in print cost money and the longer a novel is, the harder it is to get it published, especially if you are a newcomer in the print business.

We do understand the repercussions of our willingness to allow our imaginations and wordiness to soar high. It will take time but we will review the entire book and edit it to the best of our ability without cutting the soul and essence of the characters or diminishing the impact of the story on such characters. And that is why reaching the end is just the beginning.

We will have the opportunity and pleasure to get reacquainted with our own characters, fall in love again, launch ourselves in a crazy adventure and reach the end to another beginning, one that will bring the next novel alive.