I have a funny feeling in my chest right now. It’s as if I am mourning a good friend even though I know I will see him again another day.

Countermeasure has become a well known friend. The characters, story, plot and subplot, all have been a part of our lives for the last ten months but we have only become close, really close, three months ago. That’s when we finished writing To Russia With Love, our third novel in the series which, in a weird twist, was posted to Facebook as a role play storyline before the idea of writing any book crossed our minds.

We enjoyed writing TRWL and it was thrilling to keep the suspense going all the way through but close to the end we were anxious to finish our Facebook posts to tackle the bigger adventure. Countermesure was already waiting to be written and would keep us moving at a higher speed than TRWL ever did. Now that the end of Countermeasure is so close, it feels like we could reduce said speed to cruise and taken things easier but my heart and mind refuse to do so.

As we approach the last chapter of Countermeasure my mind runs like a hamster on a wheel, already plotting the next book and finding ways to fit it between Countermeasure and To Russia With Love. It will be a daunting task but one that Cecilia and I will take it head on.