3yearsToday is an important date for us. Today is the anniversary of our collaborative work—or you can say when we really started living life to the fullest. Cecilia and I met three years ago as role players. We had little experience but lots of love for our characters and determination to bring them to life as they were meant to be. We did such a good job as a team—always as a team—that it became second nature when it took a new direction toward playing our own characters.That original experience evolved into a rich and enjoyable writing collaboration where we use our role play skills to augment the show in our stories.


The key to writing good stories is knowing your audience and writing to please that person that embodies your target audience. Stephen King writes for his wife. She is his audience. We write for each other and we have tons of fun doing so. Aside from sharing the good times and fun, we also share the disappointments and struggles. We prod each other when needed, we bounce thoughts and ideas, we kick each other's butt when needed. All in this weird collaboration that was born from pure serendipity.

Time certainly flies when you are having fun. These last three years have been a riot and went by too fast. Many great things happened during this time. We had many great accomplishments—saw our books win awards, climb the charts once or twice, even produce the stories in audio format—but the biggest accomplishment is, and will always be, the fact that we continue to write what we love, the way we love writing, and please not only ourselves but many other readers in the process.

Here's to many, many more years of laughter and insane days, Cecilia. It's been a riot and it can only get better.