A new Countermeasure adventure in the making.

It's been a great week, albeit exhausting. We burned the midnight oil for most of the week and are happy to announce the release of Lost to Rapture on Tuesday, February 26, 2013. In addition, we finished the first review for the audio version of To Russia with Love. Tim Reynolds has again done a fantastic job with the narration and we couldn't be more pleased. The week was also marked by many great reviews of our books. We are thankful to those who left their thoughts and feedback about our stories both publicly and privately.

A quick update on the series. Although there is still one short story pending before Alternate Connection, the third installment in our Countermeasure Series, we have put that one on hold for a little while so we can dive deeper into the novel. Don't fret. Bound to Love, the next Byte providing an in-depth look into Jessica and Stephan's HEA, will get the attention it deserves as soon as AC is in its final stretch.

Because AC is a longer and more complex story, it will require a lot more resources and research. We established contacts that will give us the opportunity to talk to critical consultants within the next two months. We hope to take advantage of the time Cecilia will be spending in my part of the world in March to close some of those loops. This wealth of information will help drive the development of the story. Because we want to incorporate all that we glean while it is fresh in our minds, we will be dedicating precious time and attention to it over the next few months.

We know from the several "Hurry up!" messages of late that a lot of Countermaniacs are dying to get their hands on the next installment of the story and are pleased to oblige. We are looking forward to introducing a brand new set of characters that will spin off into their own series. Our intent is to intersect the two series through interactions among characters in future books.

All in all, we are busy BUT we are always available for a good chat and great laughter when we come up for air. Don't hesitate to poke us and, please, do keep those awesome comments, feedback, and reviews coming. They are a great power boost for us and do wonders to help us keep our heads in the game.