A brand new award to start the year on the right foot.

Exactly one year ago, Cecilia and I were sitting across from each other at my dining room table (our work nook when she's here) when we received the good news that allowed us to move on toward self-publishing. A few days later, we hit publish on Amazon with our first title, Countermeasure. Fast forward a year and Countermeasure is nominated for 2012 Book of the Year on The TBR Pile and elected by public vote.

It's been a crazy year, one full of ups and downs but one also full of laughter, crazy fun times, and, most of all, fantastic friends who pushed us to achieve what we have, what Countermeasure has. People and events conspire together to push one to succeed and we are extremely grateful to those who have done that for us.

To our friends in the OMB—who took us in when were green behind the ears and infected us with the love for Role Play—we love you dearly. We wouldn't be where we are without that kickstart. Without the group, we also wouldn't have met the three women who have been instrumental in nurturing our passion for our own stories. Candy, Harriet, and Micki, you've been our source of joy and laughter for much longer than a year and our gatekeepers. We thank you for the unending laughter and many kicks to get it published long before we thought of taking that route.

To Emmanuelle Hertel who corrects our mistakes so we can release titles at par with traditionally published books.

To all our many brand new friends and members of our Street Team, thank you for your feedback and support. You keep the word going like wildfire and give us the drive to work harder on each new story. We hope to give you more entertaining stories and many more puzzles to keep you coming back for more.

To another Countermeasure year!