wordofmouthWhat do you look for when you are looking for a dentist, restaurant, gym, or just to buy something new? A good number would answer recommendations from friends or family.

That works the same way for books. Writers depend on visibility to win the attention of readers at large. With the crowding of the market, breaking through the mass becomes a daunting task.


That is where readers come in. They are writers' seal of approval. They read the books and express their opinions on them to others who, in turn, continue to spread the word once they've read and also enjoyed the recommended book.

That domino effect is golden for writers. It is how their stories become known, how their characters become known and loved by many. It is that domino effect that fuels their creativity and desire to continue to write more stories, continue to entertain readers with new tales. It launches the writers' work toward visibility and recognition.

So, if you have read a book you've enjoyed, spread the word, share your experience with others. You can be the first domino in your favorite author sequence and help him or her continue to write the stories you love.