anniversaryTwo years ago exactly, I met the one who became my partner-in-crime in this adventure into independent publishing. We met as role players in a group and were paired because we had chosen to play characters who were mated/bonded so in essence, we were “married” that day.


Strangely enough, the bond shared by the characters became our own. We played daily, we interacted daily outside of the group scope, and we learned our craft together while playing another author’s characters until we decided to make our own journey to writing our own stories, developing our own characters, creating our own triggers, climaxes and resolutions.

The journey has been arduous at times but shared to the fullest. Our failures and successes have been doled out equally, the weight of hard decisions and big steps also divided, made easier to withstand. Most days we think as one, we also write as one. We push and prod the other to keep the pace; we also soothe and cheer each other when needed. Each of us is the guide and the follower in a well-choreographed team. The result is a fantastic combination of skills and strengths focused on our craft and the further development of our stories.

Thank you, Cecilia for the many amazing days and nights spent slaving over manuscripts, days and nights when we shared more than laughter, but also the determination to succeed and the belief on what we were creating together. We are a duo. A crazy duo that simply works.

To many more years like the last two, Ceci.