Wishing a Happy New Year to all our friends and family.

The end of a year is always a time of reflection. Reflection on what’s happened in the world and in your circle of life.

 The world around us is in constant motion and delivers us the most unexpected surprises. The so-called Mayan predictions that have hung over our heads for years did not herald the end of time (no surprise there).

But what it may bring is the beginning of a new age. We are already seeing the leaps that technology and medical research are taking not to mention the changing face of the publishing world, more specifically the impact of independent publishing.

We jumped into the independent publishing arena with eyes wide open, armed with knowledge we gained through careful research, and have never looked back. The unexpected surprise was the many friends and mentors we picked up along the way. You are ALL amazing and give us the courage to continue our journey.

As I look forward into 2013, I know life will continue to throw curves balls and I will flow through the swing knowing in my heart that goals will be reached. Another thing I am certain of is that I will face and reach them with my incredible partner, Chris, for our journey is just in the beginning stages, and the path ahead is wide open and sure to be paved with laughter.

May your year be all that you expect it to be.