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As many of you may (or may not know), book stuffing is a widespread problem on the Amazon KU market. If you haven't seen the discussions about book stuffing on social media or are not sure what exactly book stuffing is, you can get a good primer from authors who have been vocal about it. "Book Stuffing" + Google is your friend.

Amazon is slowly starting to react to the problem, but it appears that offenders on KU grow faster than mogwai thrown into a full bathtub of water.

We don't want to give any author using unethical business practices a platform and have no interest in stirring the pot any further. Instead, we felt spotlighting KU authors who are doing things the right way would be a better use of our time and energy. They are proof that authors can be successful by following the rules. 

If you know authors not engaging in book stuffing practices on KU, please message us and we'll be happy to include a link to their Amazon Author page to our list.

Alexa Riley 
Brill Harper
Bonnie R. Paulson
Brooke Blaine
Elana Johnson 
Ella Frank 
Ella Goode 
Ella Maise 
Ellin Peer 
E.M. Leya 
Giana Darling 
Ilsa Madden-Mills 
Jennifer Bene 
Julia Sykes 
Karina Halle 
Katie Wilde 
Kerry Lonsdale 
Lia Lee 
Liz Isaacson 
Max Monroe 
P.K. Tyler 
Rosalind James
Ruby Dixon
S.L. Jennings
Samantha Christy