*Please let us know via private message on FB when you add us on Skype. Alternatively, you can send us your Skype ID and we will add you to our contacts and to the group. There's way too much spam on Skype. For that reason, unless we know someone is friending us to participate on the chats , we don't usually accept cold contact requests.*

If you don't have Skype installed on your computer, please follow the instructions provided on the pages listed below to download and install Skype.

You DO NOT need to have a camera or microphone to join this chat. It is solely text based. You will type like you do on a regular Facebook chat.

Please note you will be required to create a Skype ID and login to the program.

If you do have Skype already installed, login and add the following profiles to your contact list:

  • author.chris.almeida
  • author.cecilia.aubrey
  • trevorbauer.cms
  • cassandra.cms

Once we have you added to our profiles, we can add you to the main discussion group. You are free to leave at any time but if you plan to join us often, you can save the group to your contact list so you can visit us often.