Logo SmallÉire Publishing, LLC is a Canadian/American publishing label under which Chris Almeida and Cecilia Aubrey release all their books. Éire is the Irish name for the Republic of Ireland. The name was chosen based on their love of Ireland—Chris spent several months studying and traveling through the country and Cecilia's ancestry traces back to County Cork.


There is a big responsibility tied to being independent publishers. By taking the role of publisher, one takes the role of gatekeeper into one's own hands. That doesn't mean independent publishers can let go of the quality of traditionally published books. It means we all have to make sure our books are at par with them.

Under the Éire Publishing label, we strive to uphold that level of quality in our books. Aside from constantly improving our own writing skills through workshops, mailing lists, and non-stop reading, writing, experimenting, we have an army of fierce beta readers, proofreaders and critique partners going over each chapter we write, making sure that the content is consistent and solid before the manuscript moves on to the next step in quality control.

Our editor goes through it with a fine comb and ensures it abides by the Chicago Manual of Style rules, checks for consistency in the story and makes suggestions on pace and redundancy. We go over her comments and suggestions with careful deliberation, accepting or rejecting and changing the manuscript page by page.

Once that process is completed, the book is now ready for conversion to the many formats. Although we can and have handled that ourselves, we found that having someone do it for us is cost effective and avoids headaches. Most importantly, it also frees precious time.

Below is a list of the people who support our commitment to quality in independent publishing:

Emmanuelle Hertel – Editor

Gyorgyi Balogh – Typesetter

BB Ebooks – File conversion