Two years ago, Cecilia and I were commiserating about the fact we couldn't attend any of the US based author signings. Jokingly, I suggested we could have a Countermeasure themed get together in Canada instead and CountermaniaCon was born. 

But as with anything we get our hands on, our author event is not the usual kind. Instead of booking a hotel, we book a big house and spend 3 days sharing kitchen duties, babysitting (kids are more than welcome!) and talking with our readers. Due to the format of the gathering, we limit attendance to around 30 people.

The event happens in July (date and location to be confirmed around December/January) each year. 

If you are interested in being a part of this madness, fill the form below and we'll reserve your spot. Please note that if your plans change, we require notification right away so we can open the spot to others.