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Chris Almeida and Cecilia Aubrey obviously take great pride in their work. The Countermeasure Series, in my opinion, is a prime example of QUALITY indie work. You are getting the same quality found in traditionally published books but infused with the heart that only indie authors can give you. Together they paint a beautiful picture for their readers. Brilliant character building as well as suspenseful plots drags you in with no hope of letting go. Not that you should want to. The love scenes are second to none; very hot, but also emotional and tender.

Kristin Pittman - I Heart Books/One Bookie
July 07, 2013


The Countermeasure Series takes you on a journey beyond your wildest dreams. In reading I have filled my passport up with new countries while having pints of Guinness with my new literary best friends. You will laugh, cry, curse, and want to strangle them (especially Nathan) but you will always have empathy as well. I must warn you the sex scenes leave you yearning and may cause roaming hands.

Mayas Jamarla Sanders - Reading By The Book 
July 04, 2013


The Countermeasure Series is a fast paced adventure ride. Filled with suspense, romance and all things geeky, I was sucked in right from the start. If there is one thing I could change about the series it would be the desire for a warning label on the covers: "You will need to turn the A/C up before reading and be prepared to reach for an Oxygen tank, as you may find yourself short of breath." The romantic scenes in this series are drool-worthy, while the maze of intrigue is addicting. The cast of characters, from the geeky males to the resilient women, feel like family to me.

Nicole McManus - Ariesgrl Book Reviews
July 05, 2013


All in all, the characters and the story as a whole are so well created that they seem real. They give you the feeling that if you visit the places from the book you will actually meet them in real life. Few authors can achieve that in a first book. In my opition, you did it.

Victoria Iankova
June 06, 2012


Okay so little bit of recognition gonna go down. I finished the Countermeasures book and I have to say that though I’m not an all human fan…I loved it and now I’m going to recommend it. There are so many great elements in this book, action, drama, romance, a nice bit of erotica and even some mystery. C. Almeida and C. Aubrey did an incredible job on this book. It’s so well written that even though it’s a rather large book for the first of a series, you never get lost, you’re never distracted from the plot and when you finish it, you are left wanting more. The pairing is adorable and perfect. You WILL fall in love with Trevor and Cassandra and you will also want more of them because even though they are amazing together, their romance doesn’t outshine the story behind their pairing which is BAD ASS to me, because Trevor and Cassandra are not only dedicated to each other but the series as well. It’s a solid story! I highly recommend this book.

Hope Sloper
Jan 20, 2012


The world of intrigue and adventure in Countermeasure peaked my interest immediately. So many unexpected twists and turns kept me guessing for the entire book. The intensity of the romance between Cassandra and Trevor made it so I could not turn the pages fast enough. The evolution of Cassandra throughout the book was amazing as was Trevor's journey to let her in and move forward. I am waiting with anticipation to see where their next voyage takes them.

Heather Von Ohlen
Jan 19, 2012


I am not into suspense and mystery books, but once in awhile I find one that doesn't put me to sleep and keeps me interested to the extent that I cannot put the book down until I finish it usually in two days time. Well I must say Countermeasure was one of them, it kept me coming back for more, making me hate one character, liking another, trying to figure out yet another. When you’re reading a book and I mean really reading it, where it makes you start to analyze the different scenes and characters along with the two main characters well, that to me is a good read and great writing. I enjoy my Paranormal Romance books, but I must admit I am looking forward to reading more stories from these two authors Chris Almeida and Cecilia Aubrey.

Harriet Vallero 
Sep 09, 2011


The one thing that I love more than anything is a good story. These two offer balance in their storytelling. Whether it is fantasy, action or romance...You will get a precise blending along with exciting plots and smooth transistioning between different points of view. Characters are well developed to show that the reader can identify with them and their situations. C and C are the authors for readers who crave something different from the realm novels.

Micquleta Williams
Jun 15, 2011


With a love story that is nearly tangible and sensuality that makes your heart race. C. Almeida and C. Aubrey have raised the bar with their emotional depth and fiery passion for both readers and writers alike.

Sarah Davis
Jun 15, 2011


Almeida and Aubrey are flat out amazing writers. I have yet to read anything by them that I didn’t like. There are 3 things you need to know when you start reading them: 1) Their suspense stories have more twists than an episode of Law & Order, 2) Turn the AC on high because the romance is HOT, and 3) You will be hooked from the first sentence you read.

Candy Chapman
Jun 13, 2011