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Are you a book hoarder? Do you have a BIG one-click addiction? Have you downloaded books only because they were free and never had the time to check them all out let alone read them all? If you are like us, you probably answered yes to all of the above. Since its release, Countermeasure has been downloaded more than 31,000 times from Amazon alone. Are you one of the more of 31,000 readers who have downloaded Countermeasure in the past, and yet have not gotten to it or simply lost sight of the title in your vast library?

If so, here is what one reader who’d done just that had to say:

“This was a book I downloaded when it was free and then forgot about it, which is a shame, but all is well that ends well...This is just an awesome book.” (5 stars) ~ Good Reads

What are you waiting for? Check your e-reader to find out if you too already have that hidden copy.
To see if you have it in your library, visit the book's page on Amazon ( and check for the Instant Order Update bar at the top of the page (see image below - click to enlarge).

{boxplus href=|| title=|Instant Order Update|}Amazon Purchase{/boxplus}

It will also tell you when you purchased the title. If you have purchased Countermeasure before November 2013 (date of the last update), make sure you get in touch with Amazon customer service to request a full update of the content as their automatic update feature doesn't work. 

If you do already have it in your library, push it to the top of your TBR pile, why don't you? It won't cost you anything! You might be as surprised and pleased as the reader above was. To complement it, you can also download a FREE copy of UNCHARTED, the short prequel to Countermeasure. See how it all began and then dive into the novel or vice-versa. Up to you!


Chris & Cecilia