843x403 2014NewYear

We usually don't do big fanfare at the closing of each year, but 2013 was a year filled with challenges as well as great high points for us, so we are tackling a short year in review.

We won't dwell on the negative aspects of the changing landscape for indie publishers. Independent publishing is a revolving hamster wheel for most who choose to take that path. We knew the rewards and responsibilities involved with the business when we jumped in this crazy endeavor and two full years later we still vouch for it. The many personal challenges each of us faced through the year were trying and some have caused setbacks, including a huge delay in our next release, but they also taught us patience and humility. They gave us the knowledge that, if we work hard enough and put our hearts into our stories, those stories will touch our readers' so deeply, they will wait and welcome the next book into the world when the time comes.

The highlights, no matter how small they may seem to some, were cherished and celebrated openly and noisily because every small success counts (and because we enjoy surrounding ourselves with positive energy as much as possible). Here are some of them:

  • The year started with Countermeasure winning the 2012 Book of the Year award from The TBR Pile book review blog;
  • Following Countermeasure's footsteps, To Russia with Love received the indiePENDents Seal of Good Writing;
  • Countermeasure received the 2013 Golden Level award in the Romantic Suspense category from the Reader's Choice;
  • Countermeasure reached a HUGE milestone, having been downloaded more than 32,000 times across all platforms;
  • Our facebook pages (C&C and Countermeasure) received over 15,000 likes combined;
  • Last but not least, we made fantastic new friends through our stories and had great laughs with them all.

So, as we continue to follow the indie path into a new year, we'll use the challenges and difficulties as lessons and the successes as encouragement for what lies ahead. We hope to have many celebration-worthy moments (be it big or small) to share with our growing Countermaniac family.


Chris & Cecilia