On October 12, 2012 we participated in the Wicked After Dark Blog Hop hosted by Close Encounters with the Night Kind & Natasha Blackhorn.

Our Theme: Halloween costumes and how they express who we are.

We did twist it up a bit. Check it out:

SPOILER WARNING: If you have not read COUNTERMEASURE or TO RUSSIA WITH LOVE this interview with the characters contains information that could be considered a bit of a spoiler for that story.

"If you are here, it is because you are taking a ride on the sexy Wicked After Dark Blog Hop. Chris and I would like to welcome you to our world. We write suspense driven erotic romance with sexy, technologically inclined men and women. Our stories are filled with intrigue and enough twists and turns to make the wildest rollercoaster seem tame."
"For a Halloween themed blog, we decided to talk about costumes and how they express who we are, our sense of humor, the connections between individuals.

If Trevor and Cassie were to dress up for the event, they would probably dress up like a cup and a tea pot, salt and pepper..."
"What the hell are you talking about? Cup and tea pot? Damn, Cecilia!" Trevor, sitting across from me, shivers and glances at Cassandra. "She said a freaking tea pot?"

"Shush, Trevor." Cassandra's eyes narrow and focus on Cecilia.

Chris must have sensed her reaching for her shiny Glock. "Come on, Cassie. You know she's teasing."

"Not funny, Chica." Cassandra leans back against the wall. "We're more imaginative than that."

Trevor pipes in. "We're going as Vader and sexy Storm Trooper." He flashes a grin in Cassandra's direction.

A droll look blankets her face and she rolls her eyes. "Bad enough you're trying to decorate the house but now you want to decorate me too?" She shakes her head and her lips twitch as if fighting back a smile. "I was thinking more along the line of Beauty and the Geek. You know... you decked out in a hot suit with Jack, your laptop, and me...well...." She waggles her eyebrows.

A gleam fills Trevor's eyes. "That's an idea. You show me your costume and I'll weigh the merits of the two." He grabs Cassandra's hand and waves as he drags her from the room.

I dart a glance at Chris. "Really? All that over a costume?"

Chris walks to the closet and comes back with a garment bag in hand. "Glad Cassie's going to change his mind because—"

I burst out laughing when I see the Vader and skimpy Storm Trooper costumes. "Ah hell. Geek minds do think alike."


As you can see, Halloween is a time of deep emotional decisions. And within our Countermeasure family it is no different.  In fact, this little slice was inspiration for Trevor and Cassandra's Halloween adventure we shared here with you.


Chris & Ceci