On day two (August 7, 2012) of the To Russia with Love blog tour, it hopped to Mrs. Condit and Friends Reads Books who hosted Behind the Written Scene - Part 2:

SPOILER WARNING: If you have not read COUNTERMEASURE or TO RUSSIA WITH LOVE this interview with the characters contains information that could be considered a bit of a spoiler for that story.

 Behind the Written Scene - Part 2

“Trevor, did you and Bob come to an accord?”
Trevor turns his attention to me and smiles. “As much as of a peace accord we can strike between us. It took him only a little while to get used to the idea of not having a military man for a son-in-law. He sees the benefits of a man who can use his brain instead of his fists to get what he wants.” I witness the heated but silent exchange between the two men and for a second I’m at a loss as to how to continue. Then Cassandra intervenes. “Behave.”
Trevor chuckles. “What? I’m not doing anything.”
She gives him a peck on the lips. “Yes, you are. Quit it.” Then stares at Nathan from across the room to which he responds by dropping his gaze.
“Okay…moving on. Question from a reader. Jessica: What was it like having Cassandra for a friend when you were younger?”
Jessica and Cassandra’s eyes meet and both laugh out loud. “It was like having your own personal body guard. I think the boys thought they had to ask her if they could go out with me.” A soft smile touches the corners of her eyes. “She is the sister of my heart. Has been since she came to my rescue like a banshee from hell and sat on that bully’s chest.”
“That must have been quite an introduction! Stephan. I have always been curious about something. What was Trevor like as a teenager?”
Stephan laughs and loses his scowl. “He was a curious teenager. He would question you to death and then come back for more. And he was also an expert at getting into the biggest mischief.” Trevor peeps quietly. “It was an alternative learning strategy. Hands-on.” The statement sends everybody in the room into throes of laughter.
“Nathan: What was your first impression of Cassandra when you first met her?”
The laughter dies immediately and a look of possessiveness crosses Nathan’s features and disappears swiftly. Tense matching expressions take over Trevor and Nikol’s faces as they look in his direction. “That she was perfect and I wanted to get to know her much better.”
“Nikol, you are a very private person. We would like to know more about you. Have you ever traveled outside Russia?”
“Yes. My work has led me outside of Russia including to the land of my mother’s birth, Israel.” Nikol doesn’t elaborate and I decide it’s safer not to push her any further. Nikol’s feet tapped the floor and she kept looking at the door every other minute.
“Cassandra? Can I see your scars?”
Cassandra’s hand moves to her side and Trevor’s hand covers hers. Glancing up into his eyes she holds his gaze until a smile breaks the tension and he relaxes. She stands and unzips her pants just enough to pull the band of her jeans down and display a scar of puckered skin. Then, she moves the shoulder strap of her peach tank top down far enough to show where she took the bullet in the shoulder. I can’t contain a gasp as an angry ridge of pink tight scar tissue marring the golden skin of her shoulder is uncovered. Before she can ease the tank back into place, Trevor stands and stays her hand. He kisses the scar before replacing the strap himself and pulling her into his lap as they sit. Cassandra places a gentle kiss on his lips. The gesture brings a sigh to my lips.
“You two are great together. And that brings a new question to mind. Jessica: what was it like staying with Trevor and Cassandra?”
Jessica who had watched the exchange, wipes the moisture from her eyes and rolls them in my direction. “Ever been in a hotel where the walls are so thin you can hear what is happening in the next room?” When I nod, she continues. “Well staying with them is just like being in that hotel room.” Cassandra gasps and blushes when all but Nathan laugh.
Checking my script, I realize we only have a couple of questions left so I leave the heavier of them for last. “This is a question from a reader: Trevor. Looks like married life is agreeing with you. Anyway, Cassandra is known for being a neat freak and having everything in line and what not. What does she do around the house (work or domesticated) that absolutely drives you nuts? Does she leave the toothpaste lid off? Places cups in the cupboard upside down when you like them right side up? What is that pet peeve? The reader also said ‘And may the force be with you.’?”
Trevor shakes his head, a wide smile spreading his lips as he brings Cassandra’s hand to his lips for a kiss. “I guess my obsession with Star Wars is widely known… As for the question, we can both say we drive each other nuts. I am sure that happens with any marriage. People are different and when you’ve lived almost thirty years on your own, it’s hard to change routines, hard to do things differently. In our case, we are opposites as it relates to planning and schedules. I go with the flow, she plans and makes lists and schedules things a year in advance if possible. We are both trying to reform the other. In the end, we might end up with a balance but for now, she seems to be winning. I have actually asked her to add things to lists.” He shakes his head when Cassandra smiles widely.
“So…we reach the end of our interview. We only have one more question and this one is a double. It is for Trev and Nate. Do you two ever foresee a day when you two can be friends?” Trevor and Nathan stare at each other. A mix of contempt and jealousy swirls in Nathan’s eyes while Trevor’s displays irritation and what looks like pity to me. I can’t quite tell as the glimmer only appears in Trevor’s eyes for a brief moment. Cassandra elbows Trevor and he clears his throat.
“Of course. I mean, any of Cassie’s friends are my friends, too.”
Nathan scoffed but after getting a narrowed look from Cassandra, he agrees. “Sure. Why not?”
Silence drags on after that and I snap out of my daze to close the interview. “Thank you all for taking time from your busy lives to be here with us. We hope to have you all back for another interview when Alternate Connection is released next year. This was an exclusive look at the behind the scenes with the cast of To Russia With Love. I’m Sarah Wild and this is Behind the Written Scene.”
We hope you enjoyed our spin on a cast interview as much as we enjoyed pulling it together.
Chris & Ceci