Over the past couple of years we have done several author and character interviews. We thought is would be fun to share some of them with you.
In An Interview with Trevor and Cassandra – Posted by Becky Condit (Mrs. Condit Reads Books) on March 17, 2012 as part of a blog tour prior to the release of To Russia with Love – we decided to have some fun. 
For this particular post, we convinced Trevor and Cassandra to participate in a video interview and answer questions readers submitted to us in advance.  Enjoy!
SPOILER WARNING: If you have not read COUNTERMEASURE this interview contains information that could be considered a bit of a spoiler for that story.

Mrs Condit:  This is so much fun! I can’t thank Chris Almeida and Cecilia Aubrey enough for this fun bit of role playing. As we left them at the end of COUNTERMEASURE, (here’s the spoiler part) Trevor and Cassandra were making wedding plans. In CUFFED AT MIDNIGHT we caught up with them having smokin’ hot bedroom fun on Trevor’s birthday. Now, here we go, with a special-for-Mrs-Condit’s readers interview with the couple and an intriguing hint at what may come next for them in their search for what happened to Trevor’s parents in FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE!

Chris and Cecilia: Last week, we polled our readers, if they could sit down with Trevor and Cassandra Bauer for an interview, what would they ask them? We received several interesting questions and, with the script in hands, we sat down for a nice conversation with our two favorite people. Since they are newlyweds and live in Dublin, Ireland, we had to do the interview via video conference from our homes in Canada and the U.S.

Chris: “So, how’s life in Ireland? Are you two enjoying being back in your home land, Trev?”

Trevor: “I love being in Dublin. There’s a different feeling of belonging here. I am sure Cassie misses being around Jessie and her father. We’ve been here for only six months or so. If she ever feels we need to return to the US, we will consider that together.”

Cassandra: Kisses Trevor’s cheek. “I looove Dublin. Sure Cali is great and I do miss Jessie and my dad, but this is home. I love the pastry shops, Guinness, and walking in St. Stephan’s Green at night.”

Chris: “Cassandra why the blush?”

Cassandra: She glances at Trevor and he chuckles. “Uhm…let’s just say St. Stephan’s Green after hours is…invigorating.” Trevor bursts out laughing and kisses her hard on the lips.

Chris: “Interesting. Is there anything else you would like to add to that?”

Cassandra: “No, thank you.” Cassandra presses her palm to a heated cheek and Trevor chuckles again.

Chris: “We have a few questions from friends of ours who are curious about your lives and work. Do you mind if we ask you these questions?”

Cassandra: “Go for it.”

Trevor: “Not at all. Shoot.”

Cecilia: “Trevor, do you think Conor and Maeve would approve of Cassandra? And Cassandra, Do you think your mother would approve of Trevor?”

Trevor: “I believe that if—let me rephrase that—when my parents meet her they will love her as much as I do. They will understand why she takes my breath away, that she is the best thing that happened in my life.”

Cassandra: “I know my mother loves Trevor. She was there when we got married. I felt her happiness and approval that day.”

Chris: “We have a sensitive question for the two of you. We know now is not the time, with the search for any information on what happened to your parents, but have you two ever thought about having children?”

Cassandra: “When the time is right it will happen. For now, we are still learning about each other.” She looks over at Trevor, holds his gaze, and flashes a grin. “I would love nothing more than to have a family with Trevor. A little geeky boy, with his father’s Irish hotness, who would follow my steps into the CIA.”

Trevor: Trevor raises an eyebrow and the corner of his mouth twitches. “I think having children is the natural evolution of a loving relationship. I know some couples who have made a conscious choice not to have children. It’s their prerogative. We haven’t discussed it in depth but I’ve had times when I’ve wondered about it. I would love a little girl with Cassie’s strength and my geekiness. I know she’ll grow up to be an Echelon guru with the NSA.”Cassandra’s snort fills the room.

Cecilia: “Hmm…I see a slight disagreement brewing which leads me to our next question. What was your first real fight about? Who said sorry first, and how long did it take you to have make-up sex?”

Trevor: “I have to say it was about the ‘itinerary dilemma’.”

Cassandra: Cassandra rolls her eyes. “Cecilia, back me up here. Jeez. You book your flight and what do you do next?

Cecilia: “You give the person you’re visiting a copy of your itinerary so they know the time and flight.”

Cassandra: Turns to Trevor and gestures toward the screen. “See? Cecilia gets it.”

Trevor: “No…you call and say, hey, bud! Getting there on such day and such time.”

Chris: “Yeah, and if they are not there when you arrive, you take a cab.”

Trevor: Gives Chris the thumbs up. “Her travel plans are more comprehensive than the secret service’s detail for a presidential visit abroad.” Cassandra burst out laughing and punches him in the arm. “Ouch! And for the record, I apologized first. She jumped me immediately after.”

Chris: “Another of our friends asks: Trevor, can you imagine your life without Cassandra, now that you know her?”

Trevor: “I don’t think I had a life before her. Everything is more fun and colorful with her. Small things become reason for wide smiles.” Trevor clasps Cassandra’s hand in his and brings it to his lips. “Life would be very dull without Cassie, that’s for sure.”

Cecilia: Looks down at her script and frowns before looking at Trevor and Cassandra again. “Here’s a toughie. Would either of you lie to the other during a mission, in order to protect the others life, even though it may hurt them? And, would you be able to tell if the other was lying?”

Cassandra: “Nice…that is a really tough question. I will definitely do everything I can to keep Trevor from harm. I would never lie to do so, however, I can see myself withholding information or simply taking off to handle it on my own.” Cassandra rubs her shoulder lost in what might be a memory. A somber look overtakes her features and disappears just as quickly. “I am pretty sure that, because of our training in the CIA and NSA, I’d be able to tell if he lied to me. Besides, Trev is a horrible liar because he hates liars and lying. If he ever did lie, it would fester inside him like an open knife wound and I’d notice it.”

Trevor: Shakes his head in agreement. “Not lie. Omit, possibly. But we are learning to share more as our relationship matures. We are not treading our paths alone. We need to make room for the other even if our instinct is to keep it all inside. Time will teach us that skill.”

Chris: “One last question before you sign off. Our readers are curious to know if you have any new leads into the disappearance of your parents, Trevor.”

Trevor and Cassandra gaze at each other with a secretive look. Trevor nods to Cassandra and she turns her attention back to us.

Cassandra: “Funny you should ask, Chris. As a matter of fact, George has just contacted us with some intriguing information. We’re about to hop on a plane to Russia to check it out.”

Chris: “Does that mean you’ve found your parents?”

Trevor: A wicked smile curves his lips as he brushes his thumb across Cassandra’s cheek and he winks at Cecilia. “Well, Chris. You tell me.”

Chris: “Touché! I can see that I’m not going to get anything out of either of you. I guess our friends and readers will just have to wait and see what happens on your adventure in Russia.”

Cecilia: “Well, that’s all the questions we have. We’d like to thank you two for taking some time from your demanding schedule to visit with us. We wish you the best of luck in your quest.”

Cassandra: “Thank you, Chris and Cecilia. You’re welcome to come visit us in Dublin. You have a home here if you ever come this way.”


As you can see the interview was a blast and, as always, Trevor and Cassandra were in rare form. We hope you enjoyed the banter.


Chris & Ceci