Countermeasure: Bits of Life


Countermeasure: Bits of Life is a tie-in series to the Countermeasure Series of novels and short stories. Just as the Bytes of Life, these are also Romantica. This new series of quickie short stories (ranging between 5k to 15k) gives the readers a voyeuristic view into the intimate life of the Countermeasure characters. They are character-driven, NOT plot-driven. Please be advised that ALL shorts in this series contain EROTIC content. They are NOT recommended for younger audience.

It is strongly advised that you have some knowledge of the characters in the stories and how they came to be together.
Although the Bits and Bytes can be read out of order and independent of the novels, we understand some readers prefer to read them in chronological order. Please refer to the reading order for the chronological order of all of the books in the series.


Countermeasure Series Book 4

With his wife away on business, Trevor is spending his St. Patrick’s Day alone. Or so he assumes. Cassandra can’t wait to surprise her husband after a long week away from home. But when she arrives, it appears Trevor is not there. Will her early return be a waste? You loved Trevor and Cassandra in the Countermeasure Series books. Peek in for a glimpse of how married life is treating them. This Bit is sure to have you looking at your dining room table differently.

Countermeasure Series Book 6

Trevor knows the secret to a happy marriage is to keep the romance alive and the intimacy hot. He also knows that the perfect way to do that is to take Cassandra on a little adventure that will deliver both of these things.

Much to Cassandra’s surprise, Trevor treats her to a night of passion like she has never experienced before. Will the thrill of doing something crazy and unconventional add to the excitement?

Countermeasure Series Book 9

A business trip. Unlimited roaming. What can possibly come out of this combination?

When Trevor and Cassandra are apart, the heart grows more than fonder....

Witness their wicked games as they keep their bond alive even when they are apart.

Countermeasure Series Book 10

Trevor and Cassandra take a day off to hit the movies, but the action doesn't only happen on the big screen....

It's a beautiful day for a stroll and a movie. Ice cream, a dark theater, a man, a woman. Simple ingredients for a perfect storm of cinematic shenanigans for Trevor and Cassandra.

Trevor's latest blockbuster will literally keep Cassandra on the edge of her seat. Will she follow his lead as Trevor directs her to new heights of pleasure, or will Cassandra request a rewrite of her part?

Stay tuned as Trevor raises the bar and the action plays out on and off the big screen.

Countermeasure Series Book 12

Fiddles, bodhráns, harps and bouzoukis are in full swing when Cassie and Trevor head to their favorite pub for a well-deserved night out.

A simple kiss on the dance floor evolves into a brazen  promise. As they hurtle toward home, they cannot keep their hands off each other and the night takes on that highly-charged, anticipatory feel they’ve known since the beginning of their marriage.

The fireworks come fast and furiously as Trevor and Cassandra give over to their passion. You won’t want to miss the action when a certain silky scarf is put into play.