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The 8th Special Warfare Logistics Group is the most secretive counter-terrorism unit. The men are recruited from the top special operations teams from all three branches of the military. Only the cream of the crop passes selection. Once in the team, these men are sanctioned killing machines. Can the love of the right women bring their humanity to the surface?

Our publishing schedule differs from most writers so we may publish the books out of chronological order. Please see below the progress and order of each book in the series.

Order Title   Progress
1 ACE   -  
2 DOUBLE H  - Planned for 2017/2018
3 GATOR   - Published
5 REAPER  - Planned for 2018

You can find more information on the Crew from the website: The A.W.E. Crew


A Hindsight Cove Novel

Release: 2017

A Hindsight Cove Novel

Release: 2017

Eva Solana suffers from a deadly case of photosensitivity which could be the death of her. When her fiancé of two years abandons her because of her condition, she is resigned to live a life of loneliness. A year later she finds her stride—her web design business is booming, as Eva Solo, she is the star of a successful late night radio talk show for the disenchanted, and she has cultivated a moon garden in her large back yard to soothe her soul. She has repaired the pieces of her broken heart and has moved on or so she thinks until a caller going by the name Lonely 2 begins to seep into her skin.

Gabriel O'Shea, is the enforcer for a brotherhood of vampires serving to protect humans from the horde that stalk among them. One night, by chance, he stumbles across a radio talk show and is seduced by the velvety voice of Eva Solo. It wraps its silky threads around his soul, eases the memory of his lost love, and temps him to call in one night. But he is torn between that memory, Eva's voice, and the dark haired beauty that tends the most beautiful moon garden he has stumbled upon. Soon he discovers that his enemy is stalking the beauty and must leave his nights with Eva behind in order to protect her. Little does he know that they both are the key to his salvation.

Jared has loved Sarah for so long he can't quite remember when he hadn't loved her. Problem is, she loves someone else, a female someone else. Sarah and Jamie had been together for almost as long as he had known Sarah and he's resigned to the role of the best friend. 

He's surprised when Sarah approaches him with a request that could turn their lives inside out. As fate spins its wheels, heartache, hurt, and longing mix with unbridled love in a tale where the final goal involves a difficult and maybe unattainable change of heart.

Jacob Mortimer, a computer programmer from New York, feels a strange compulsion to visit Ireland. He doesn't know why but since young he had had vivid dreams about Ireland and after much internal struggle, he caves in and books a flight to Dublin with his friend, who seems strangely eager to get him there. After his arrival, strange things begin to happen and unexpected events take him to Sligo, a Northern County with loads of history. He finds himself at the top of Knocknarea, a megalithic tomb believed to be Queen Maeve's grave and, when there, all pieces come together.

His presence at that specific place throws him back in time to experience a piece of Irish history at the height of the Celtic battle the Cattle Raid of Cooley. He experiences the period in ways he never imagined, unwittingly helping Queen Maeve take the prized bull by force and gaining a night in her bed. That prize of sorts gets him killed by Queen Maeve's husband and Jacob wakes up back in Knocknarea. His whole time travel adventure had been a dream or maybe not. Back in New York he finds an item he was given in the dream in the hem of his pants. A medallion missing the center pieces. His next dream shows him the location and time in history to collect one of the missing pieces. His new destination. His next step back in time.