I was in my late teens when I stopped writing. I had started reading at a very early age and writing at around 7. Literature had been a driving force in my life until I reached university and life took a different turn than I had expected or planned for.

Twenty years later I find myself writing again, this time for fun and games for a role playing group based on an established book series by author Lara Adrian. After a few months, my partner and I left our first role playing group to write our own stories. The original idea was just to play our own characters without worrying about copyright infringement and story constraints but what started as a way to have freedom to interact via role play became a serious “hobby”.

We spent countless hours developing our characters, the story, the twists and turns of the plot and in the end we realized we were writing a novel, not just a role play storyline. At that point we were lucky to be introduced to Denysé Bridger, a Canadian author with many titles published by several publishing houses, and after reading our role play story, she introduced us to our current publisher.

Within two months of taking the jump we had reached the unimaginable. We are still shocked and thankful for all the support, help, guidance received by many close friends who have been our private cheerleaders, shoulder to cry on, critics and inspiration.

And this is where I come in with the old “Never say never”. The old dream of writing books came rushing down the stream of my mind quickly and very much alive. It had been burning in the background just waiting for a little spark to light the fire alive again. I definitely believe in fate, in the magic of the moment, of meeting that one person that can make you feel better no matter the circumstances, excel in whatever you put your mind to. I am grateful to have found mine.